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Spring Is Coming!

News & Announcements:


I’ve added a list of journaling prompts for March to the store, along with some new mini cards.


I’ve also added some digital scrapbook pages. They’ve got a tea-stained harlequin design with a faint damask pattern, great for that aged look! Check them out here.


There are also new printable mini cards in the shop. St. Pat’s Day with quotes, larger St. Pat’s Day cards (but still smallish), flowers with quotes, and spring with quotes. I love these cards. They’re great for inserting into letters, cards, scrapbooks, etc. The themes for this month are St. Patrick’s Day, flowers, and spring (also nature in the journaling prompts). I’ll be adding some with scriptures soon, too.


There are new digital art prints, too. All are 8.5”x11”, so you print them yourself. There are three new sets, each with two prints: blossoms and books with quotes, flowers with quotes, and roses with quotes.




I’ve also made a new print that you can download for free. It’s 11” x 8.5”, like all the others. I hope you like it! Download it here.


Current Projects:


I’ve been working on a short story for the short stories page. I plan to have it up soon. It’s a fantasy adventure from my fictional world of Illdirin. It involves a Sasquatch, furry little Barbegazi people, a good forest witch, a human adventurer, and the first vampire ever created on Illdirin. It’s fun to write. I hope it will be as fun to read!


Video I Really Like: Legend of Drizzt – Live Action Movie HD. It's 14 Years old, but I still love it!


Book I'm Reading: Two Dragons, by Octavia Randolph (Kindle version). Anything I say won’t do justice to this book or the series, so I’ll let the online description of this book speak for itself.


From Amazon:

Dragons are said to guard treasure with their lives...

Ceric, beset with madness from the trauma of the losses he has suffered, wanders the forests of Kilton. An urgent need to stave off the hunger of his folk calls his younger brother Edwin, Lord of Kilton, to the Kingdom of Mercia, and though he fulfils his mission, finds the greater prize he sought out of reach.

Four Stones now has the second son of Sidroc under its lofty roof - Yrling, come from Gotland to train under the hand of his half-brother Hrald. An unexpected visit from Raedwulf, Bailiff of Defenas, sends Hrald on a journey of vital importance to both Four Stones and to King Ælfred himself.

On Gotland, a dragon ship oars steadily for shore, its warriors ready to leap out as soon as the keel strikes the pebbled beach. Sidroc is there to meet them - the man they came looking for.

The Kingdoms of Cymru - Wales - have long bedevilled that of Wessex and Mercia. Much of Welsh strength is found in their women. Passion and artfulness is manifest in two, who, driven by their own ends, impact Kilton in ways unimaginable.

Take fiery flight. Two Dragons: Book Nine of The Circle of Ceridwen Saga.



What do you think of when you think of spring? Or flowers? Or St. Patrick’s Day? I think of sun and rain, wind, four leaf clovers, fair maidens dancing around the May Pole, leprechauns and pots of gold, cherry blossoms and irises, tulips, crocus, and lilacs! How about you?


Cheers! And a happy end of February to you!




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